Electricity from Solar Power

Electricity from Solar Power

Solar Electricity, or Photovoltaic panels as they are also known, absorb the sun's energy which is converted into electricity (AC) to be used either in the home or sold back to the National Grid.

Photovoltaic (PV) cells work extremely well on sunny days and even on a cloudy day you will still generate some electricity.

Our Photovoltaic panels have been voted 'Best in Class' and carry a Salt Mist Certificate for installations in coastal areas.

Environmentally Friendly Free Electricity from the Sun!

As MCS Approved Installers our customers will be eligible to apply for the Government's Feed In Tariff. They can also benefit from free electricity for personal use, as well as reducing their electricity bill with a credit for the energy that is exported back to the National Grid.

Be aware of 'Free Solar Installation Companies'...

We have been made aware by our customers and our colleagues within the industry about some of the negative aspects of leasing your roof space to some companies. We strongly recommend that customers use a company that they are comfortable with, who ensure that the customer reaps the benefits not only from reduced electricity bills but also from the Government funding. Read our sensible advice.

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