Solar Panels

Renewable Technologies

We offer a complete range of renewable energy technologies including solar hot water, solar electricity and Groundsource heat pumps.

We are also MCS Approved Installers which allows our customers to apply for Government funding and grants.

We actively promote the use of renewable energy sources in the UK and are happy to share advice with our customers, without obligation.

Electricity from Solar Power

Electricity from Solar Power

Solar Electricity (Photovoltaic) panels convert the sun's energy into power for use in the home or sold back to the National Grid.

 UK Solar Power Grants & Schemes

Solar Grants & Schemes

The UK Government's Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI) encourages people to install renewable technologies in their homes.

Hot Water from Solar

Hot Water from Solar Power

Solar Water Heating Systems and Solar Thermal take advantage of the free heat from the sun to heat your domestic hot water supply.