Sensible Solar Power Advice

Solar Power Advice

We have been made aware by our customers and our colleagues within the industry about the negative aspects of leasing your roof space to some companies who make exaggerated claims.

Beware 'Free' Solar Installation Companies

Please be mindful of the following potential pitfalls:

  • You are giving up the large financial rewards available from the government which far exceed the initial investment;
  • If you sell your property or die within the lease period and the new owner wants the panels removed then you or your Estate will likely be liable for the cost of the equipment and loss of financial rewards;
  • If you decide to sell your property without the income from the 'Feed In Tariff' it becomes much less desirable to a potential buyer especially as the equipment at that stage will be dated.

We strongly recommend that customers use a company that they are comfortable with and that the customer reaps the benefits not only from reduced electricity bills but also from the Government funding.

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